The Importance of School Sports Tours

The Importance of School Sports Tours

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School travel, particularly sports tours that include several days away from home, very often in a foreign country, can provide young people with an unparalleled window on the world. A substantial number of options are possible – hockey tours to Holland, football tours to the USA, rugby tours to New Zealand and everything in between!

The role of a school is not just to teach children the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, but also to instil in their pupils the knowledge, understanding and skills to live in, and provide contribution to, today’s global society. There are not many better ways to provide these opportunities than via a school sports tour where children are provided with a unique opportunity to increase their understanding of the world in which they live, including the languages, cultures and values of societies different to their own.

School tours, whatever the sport or destinations, assist schools in developing pupils’ self-confidence and independence as well opening doors to developing new friendships as well as strengthening existing ones.
Here are our top five reasons why school sports tours are so important…

Expanding students’ understanding of the world

There’s no avoiding the fact that globalisation is happening at an ever-increasing rate so it is, therefore, vital for children to increase their understanding of the world they live in, to be taken out of their comfort zone and to learn to appreciate other cultures. At the same time, sport is a great leveller and means that two unfamiliar cultures can come together under one common goal…their love of sport.

Making new friends

Where sport is involved you know that, despite being on differing teams and from various parts of the world, you share a common interest with your opposition. Very often that common interest can be enough to spark a new friendship that could last a lifetime!

Strengthening existing bonds

Friendships developed within an educational environment may only involve a few hours together each day, but spending several days or weeks together and sharing unique experiences can go a long way to solidifying relationships and creating an even stronger bond.
Sports tours can also go a long way to increasing the bond between teachers and students because both sides get the opportunity to see each other outside of the normal classroom environment. Students who develop a more personal connection with their teachers are, inevitably, better motivated and participatory in their return to the classroom.

Testing skills

Sports games against teams from other countries can be a unique eye-opener to the way that they are played and approached by other nations. Much is made about the different approach to rugby between the northern and southern hemisphere, or the various coaching methods used in European and South American football, so a sports tour is a perfect opportunity to experience this first-hand.

Improved results in the classroom

There is little doubt that school sports tours can result in greater achievement in ALL subjects. No amount of classroom work can substitute real-life experience and the opportunity to combine sport, with cultural and educational experiences, make tours an invaluable tool in a school’s armoury when it comes to enriching the education of their students.