FRIDAY 5TH APRIL Upon arrival at the holiday park you should proceed to the main reception, you will be met by Mitour representatives who will assist you with your check-in.


SATURDAY 6TH APRIL Shuttle coaches will depart from outside the main entrance of the holiday park to take you to the festival venue for your opening group games. (Refer to shuttle timetable sent to you via email). Please check your departure time and ensure your whole party is ready to leave 10 minutes before the pick-up time allocated.

On arrival at the festival venue we ask that you send one person only (not the whole team) to register your teams' arrival on site at the registration point. It is a fast and simple process and will be required on both Saturday and Sunday.

To speed up this process we have asked you to register your team online using the designated online registration system at www.mitour.co.uk/reg-form. If you have any amendments, you should register these at the registration point with the Mitour staff member.

Participation in the festival.

Return shuttles will run to suit schedule approximately 30 mins after your group stage matches have been completed.

SUNDAY 7TH APRIL Shuttle coaches will depart from outside the main entrance of the holiday park to take you to the festival venue for finals day. (Refer to shuttle timetable). Please check your time and ensure your whole party is ready to leave 10 minutes before the pick-up time allocated.

Register your teams' arrival.

Participation in the festival.

Presentations will immediately follow your final games.

Allocated return shuttles will run to suit schedule, approximately every 30 mins.

MONDAY 8TH APRIL Check out of your accommodation by 10:00am


Teams must register no later than 30 minutes before their kick-off time

Age Group Approx kick-off time (SAT) Approx kick-off time (SUN)
U7 1030 1020
U8 1215 1230
U9 1030 1015
U10 1215 1345
U11 1015 1015
U12 1250 1345


If, in the opinion of a Mitour representative, or the holiday park staff, your behaviour, or the behaviour of anyone in your touring party, is such that it disrupts the tour party or upsets any staff or other clients and impairs their enjoyment of the tour, you will be given a warning that such behaviour must cease immediately. We reserve the right to terminate all holiday arrangements immediately without refund to you where, unacceptable behaviour persists or, at any time, if the circumstances justify it.

When can I check in? Check-in time is from 16:00 onwards. If you arrive early please have patience, Mitour staff will try and speed up the checking-in process to get you in sooner.
What times are reception open? Reception will be open from 9:00 to 18:00.
Is linen/bedding provided Linen is provided. Bed linen consists of sheets, duvets, duvet covers,pillows & pillow cases – one pillow per head supplied. Bring your own cot linen if you've hired a cot.
What do I need to bring? We recommend that you bring towels, tea towels, washing up materials, hair dryer, extra pillows, extra blankets (if cold) and toilet roll with you as these are not supplied.
When do I have to check-out? Check out time is 10am on the day of departure for all accommodation.
What is provided in the accommodation? All our units are fully equipped and contain pots and pans, kitchen utensils, plates etc. a microwave, toaster and a cooker. In the lounge area, you will find a colour TV.
Entertainment passes If you intend on using the park services, you will need to have entertainment passes, these are included in the price of your tour. You will need to have your passes with you to enter the complex.
Can I smoke on the park? All accommodation is non-smoking and while you are staying at the park, likewise all public building is also smoke free. You are welcome to smoke in most external areas of the park and in designated smoking areas only.
Photography Rayner Photo are the Mitour official appointed photographer for all festivals. Please be aware any images captured may be used for publishing in our brochures, advertising, internet and any other marketing or commercial materials. Media may be used in whole or in part and may be altered. If you do not wish any images of your team to be used for this purpose, please advise. Your photographer can complete a photography consent form at the Mitour information point at the festival.
Team managers' responsibility Although Mitour staff will be available throughout the weekend, we would like to stress that the supervision, conduct and discipline of the boys/girls is the responsibility of the team managers.
Camper vans / commercial vehicles Commercial vehicles - Commercial vehicles or camper vans are not permitted on site.
Ball games Ball games are only allowed in designated areas. No ball games between/in and around the caravans.
Self-drivers If anyone in your group is self-driving they then will need to advise their car registration at check-in.
Park speed limit The speed limit in all areas of the park is 10MPH.
Board basis All accommodation is self-catering. The holiday village has suitable catering facilities with restaurant, take away and supermarket options.
Rubbish No rubbish to be left outside please use the bins around park.
Alcohol There will be a zero tolerance to underage drinking at the holiday park, coach shuttle buses and rugby club. Alcohol is not to be transported from bar to bar at the holiday park and alcohol is only permitted in designated areas at the festival site. Strictly no alcohol is permitted at the pitch side.
Supervision of children Children must be under supervision of a parent/guardian at all times. They are not permitted to roam the holiday park during the night unaccompanied by an adult.
Noise levels Please have consideration for other holidaymakers / owners by keeping noise levels down at night.



Bunn Leisure Holiday Park
West Sands Road
PO20 9BH


1. The festival will be played in accordance to RFU regulation, Age Grade Rugby.

2. The festival will be held at Portsmouth RFC, Norway Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5EP

3. Players will have priority for the shuttle bus transfers to the ground, based on their kick off times (Please see shuttle bus schedule, emailed to you)

4. Players are not permitted to play up or down in any age group except in situations where the RFU have granted specific dispensation

5. All players must have proof of date of birth, acceptable forms of ID include: identification cards, birth certificates and passports

6. All player registration forms must be completed, signed and handed to the control point no later than one hour before your first match on Saturday. Unless you have registered online prior to the festival

7. Please ensure that you arrive and check in with the match referee 10 minutes prior to your kick-off time. Each coach/manager must ensure their team is ready to kick-off at the appointed time

8. Changing facilities are available at the festival site, however please note that valuables are your own responsibility and Mitour accept no responsibility for loss or theft

9. In the event of injury of any kind sustained during the festival, Mitour accept no responsibility

10. For peace of mind and the safety of the children, there will be first aid in attendance at the festival

11. Match Durations

Age Group Match Duration (SAT/SUN)
U7 6/5 mins each half
U8 7/5 mins each half
U9 12/6 mins each half
U10 8/6 mins each half
U11 8/6 mins each half
U12 14/6 mins each half

12. Team Size

Age Group Number of Players
U7 4
U8 6
U9 7
U10 8
U11 9
U12 12

13. Tournament Format

As organisers of the rugby competition we are governed by RFU regulations. We must operate our festivals and activities within the parameters of Regulation 15 - Age Grade Rugby.

The competitive formats allowed at the Hampshire Rugby Festival are:

  • Festival Rugby (U7-U12) - Competitive round-robin playing opportunity where equal team and player participation is the emphasis. Scores may be recorded but winning doesn’t affect your ongoing participation as every team plays the same appropriate number of matches
  • Waterfall Tournament (U12) - Competitive playing programme where equal participation/progression is the emphasis. The outcome of your pool games are recorded to enable every team to advance to later rounds for an equal number of matches against similar level teams

Mitour will be operating the ‘Festival Rugby’ format across all age groups at the festival.
Progression is aligned to the developing competitive motivations of Age Grade Rugby players

14. In the event of a team no-show or if a team is unable to supply enough players for a fixture, the match will become void

15. All age groups are allowed rolling substitutions provided the players have been previously registered. If a player is substituted due to injury, he/she will not be permitted to re-join the same game unless specifically agreed by the referee or in the case of a blood injury. Substitutes will be allowed to join the game with the referee’s permission

16. Players can only be registered in one age group unless dispensation has been agreed. Where a club has two squads in an age group, a player may only be registered with one squad and cannot transfer squads at any time during the festival under any circumstances unless agreed by the Event Director

17. There will be no kicks at goal for conversions, penalties or drop goals during any match in any age group

18. Yellow cards will mean a sin bin for 5 minutes. A red card will mean that the player in question misses the next match. Serious offences will result in the player being disqualified from the festival. The Event Director has the final say in such instances

19. In the event of a kit clash the team second on the fixtures (away team) will be asked to change their kit


IMPORTANT RULE 1 - There is no kicking at goal in any age category. This includes penalties, conversions and drop-goals

IMPORTANT RULE 2 - The scoring team always restarts the match


U7 • 4 players max
• Ball size 3
• Tag rugby
• No tackling
• No scrums
• No kicking
• No contact
• Play continues from a knock-on
• 6 tags to score
• Free pass to restart
U8 • 6 players max
• Ball size 3
• Tag rugby
• No ruck
• No maul
• No kicking
• No contact
• Knock on introduced
• 6 tags to score
• Free pass to restart
U9 • 7 players max
• Ball size 3
• No ruck
• No maul
• No kicking
• Free pass to restart
• Tackle introduced including hold
U10 • 8 players max
• Ball size 4
• 3 player scrums (nearest 3 players)
• Free pass restart
• Contest for ball introduced
U11 • 9 players max
• Size 4 ball
• Contested strike for ball
• Ball carrier + 2
• Tackler + 2
• Introduction of kicking “mark” call
• No lineout – Free pass from touchline
U12 • 12 players max
• Size 4 ball
• Continuation of the contested strike – No push
• Nearest 5 players in a scrum
• No limit on numbers contesting for the ball including inthe maul and ruck
• Introduction of the hand off below the armpits


Please read the following as it is important for the enjoyment of not just your group but the other parties and holiday makers at the holiday village.

1. Do not arrive at the holiday village under the influence of alcohol. If there are any issues at check-in with drunken behaviour then you will be asked to leave.

2. There will be a zero tolerance to underage drinking at the holiday park, on coach shuttle buses and at the rugby club.

3. Please respect the holiday village facilities and accommodation. Any damage caused will be the responsibility of the person to repair or replace the item or items damaged.

4. Large group congregations around the holiday park will not be encouraged as this can lead to damage and intimidation to others staying at the holiday village. If you are going to meet as large groups, please do this within the show bars and entertainment complex on site.

5. Under no circumstances will fighting or intimidating behaviour towards other teams, staff or holiday makers be tolerated.

6. Any serious issues will be reported to your club, your local RFU and the RFU.


Mitour has a responsibility to look after the health and safety of its staff and clients. We will endeavour to promote equal treatment in the provision of our services and ensure that staff and clients are treated with respect at all times.

Any behaviour that may cause offence or create an uncomfortable or intimidating environment for our staff or other clients will not be tolerated.

If, in the opinion of a Mitour representative, your behaviour, or the behaviour of anyone in your touring party, is such that it disrupts the tour party or upsets our staff or other clients and impairs their enjoyment of the tour, you will be given a warning that such behaviour must cease immediately.

We reserve the right to terminate all holiday arrangements immediately without refund to you where, unacceptable behaviour persists or, at any time, if the circumstances justify it.

The behaviour code applies to both festival venue and accommodation base, Mitour will not accept any responsibility for damage caused by touring parties at either site. Please remember that you are representing your club and country. All misconduct will be reported to your respective home union i.e WRU, RFU, IRFU & SRU.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Club and schools should encourage parents and guardians to:

(a) Be familiar with the coaching and training programme in order that they can ensure their child is fully involved and the coaches are aware of their availability

(b) Be familiar with the teaching and coaching methods used by observing the coaching and training sessions in which their child participates

(c) Be aware that the Club or School has a duty of care to ensure the safety of players and therefore, where appropriate, assist coaches with the supervision of the players particularly where numbers are large and there is a need to transport players to away games

(d) Be involved with Club and School activities and share the expertise

(e) Share concerns, if they have them, with Club or School officials

(f) Be familiar with the Good Coaches’ Code contained in the RFU Continuum/WRU Pathway. In particular, be aware that:
• Coaches should recognise the importance of fun and enjoyment when coaching players; and
• Coaches should keep winning and losing in perspective – encourage players to behave with dignity in all circumstances

(g) Support coaches in installing these values

(h) Remember that young people play rugby for their own enjoyment not that of their parents

(i) Encourage young people to play – do not force them

(j) Focus in the players’ efforts, rather than winning or losing

(k) Be realistic about the players’ abilities; do not push them to a level they are not capable of achieving

(l) Provide positive verbal feedback both in training and during the game

(m) Remember that persistent, negative messages will adversely affect the players’ and referee’s performance and

(n) Always support the Club and School in their efforts to eradicate loud, coarse and abusive behaviour from the game

(o) Remember young people learn much by example

(p) Always show appreciation of good play by all players both from their own Club or School and the opposition

(q) Respect decisions made by match officials, even if they appear to be a mistake, and encourage players to do likewise


Clubs and schools should encourage spectators to:

(a) Act as positive role models to all players

(b) Be familiar with, and abide by, the RFU & WRU Child Protection Guidelines in relation to verbal and emotional abuse

(c) Respect guidance from the Club or School with regard to spectator behaviour

(d) Remember children play sport primarily for their own enjoyment, not for that of spectators

(e) Acknowledge good individual and team performance from all players irrespective of the team in which they play

(f) Respect match officials’ decisions, even if they appear to be a mistake – remember they are volunteers providing an

opportunity for players to play rugby

(g) Never verbally abuse players, coaches, match officials or fellow spectators: such behaviour can create a negative environment for players and their behaviour will often reflect this

(h) Acknowledge effort and good performance rather than ‘to win at all costs’

(i) Verbally encourage all players in a positive manner, shouting ‘for’ not ‘at’ the players

(j) Encourage all players irrespective of their ability – never ridicule any individual player, regardless of the team in which they play


Mitour operate sporting events and festivals throughout the UK and Europe for thousands of children and young people each year.

Mitour, are committed to ensuring safe environments for children and vulnerable people and believe that it is always unacceptable for a child or any person to experience abuse of any kind. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children, young and vulnerable people, by a commitment to recommend best practice which protects them.

This policy applies to our paid staff, volunteers, students or anyone working on behalf of Mitour.

We recognise that:

• the welfare of the child/vulnerable people is paramount
• all children, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse
• working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting the welfare of all vulnerable people.

The purpose of the policy:

• to provide protection for the children and vulnerable people who participate in our festivals
• to provide staff and volunteers with guidance on procedures they should adopt in the event that they suspect a child or vulnerable person may be experiencing, or be at risk of, harm

We will seek to safeguard children and vulnerable people by:

• valuing them, listening to and respecting them
• adopting child protection guidelines through procedures and safe working practice for staff and volunteers
• recruiting staff and volunteers safely, ensuring all necessary checks are made
• sharing information about child protection and safe working practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers
• sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, and involving parents and children appropriately
• providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training.

Mitour requires travelling teams, schools and clubs to have their own child protection policies in place to safeguard from within their own travelling parties.


Incident reporting forms are available from the Mitour information point.

The safety of your group is our prime concern and we request your assistance to help us fulfil our objective to monitor and maintain high levels of safety management.

Despite the good practices we employ, from time to time accidents and incidents may take place. We wish to monitor and react as effectively as possible to accidents and those smaller incidents or near-misses that do not cause injury, but have the potential to cause harm.

We would like you to report any accidents or incidents to us as soon as possible. If you feel it is appropriate, please feel free to phone whilst on tour; otherwise return any form with your post-tour questionnaire. Your feedback will be a significant help in our drive to maintain best practice.

Incident report forms are available at the Mitour control point, it should be used for:

a) Any accident where an injury has been sustained (serious or minor)
b) Any other incident you feel had the potential to put your group’s safety at risk. Whilst it is difficult to provide an exhaustive list of possible incidents, examples could be poor driving, problems on an excursion or inappropriate behaviour

In the case of a very serious emergency, do not wait to send us your form, please follow the emergency guidelines already provided:

• Your first point of contact should be the local emergency
• You should then contact your nearest Mitour member of staff to make them aware of the situation
• Your insurance emergency medical service (if applicable)

Mitour emergency contact numbers:

Mitour office: 0800 773 4820 (International: +44 (0) 1792 686 359)

Leave a voicemail - Voicemail picked up by all staff via Email.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Photography consent forms are available from the Mitour information point. Please complete and hand in at the festival.

Mitour Ltd. recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people taking part in any activity associated with our organisation.

In accordance with our child protection obligations, we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the responsible adult of the team/party.

As your group will be taking part in the Hampshire Rugby Festival at Portsmouth RFC, we would ask your consent to take photographs/videos of the event that may contain images of a child in your care.

It is likely these images may be used as:

• A record of the activity or event, this may also include website and social media updates
• In a written evaluation report of the activity or event that will be viewed by Mitour Ltd.
• Publicity material for further activities or events on our website/social media/leaflets/magazines
• Illustrations of the activities or event in public articles

Mitour will take all reasonable steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purpose they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately, you should inform Mitour management immediately.


• Alternative instructions will be announced over the PA system allowing everyone to know that an incident has occurred and to follow instructions from Event Control Staff.

• All guests are advised to vacate the area as orderly and safely as possible should there be a fire.

• Event Control will contact the emergency services and remain in contact, giving concise and up to date information.

• The Event Safety Officer will be deployed to the site of incident to investigate.

• The Event Director will deploy personnel to strategic locations to ensure the guests and staff are protected from the incident.

• Stewards will move to open all emergency exits.

• The Stewards will be deployed to all useable and available exits in the event of an incident requiring evacuation and will direct the guests, contractors, traders and staff to the nearest exit.

• If the Emergency Services deem it necessary to attend, then Event Control will liaise with their incident commander. All resources at hand will be offered to the Emergency Services, and they will take control the site if they see fit.

• Re-admittance to an evacuated area will only be allowed when all the Event Control personnel are happy that the area is safe. If the evacuation is of a serious nature and involved one or more of the Emergency Services, then permission to re-enter would have to be given by them first.

• Should a fire start in a marquee or any other structure guests are advised to use the nearest exit.

• Guests will be guided to a safe holding area.

• Mitour will deal with any incidents it feels are within the capabilities of the resources on site. Mitour will view an incident as major, if it believes it needs to rely on the resources of the Emergency Services. Mitour will place all necessary resources to be available for the Emergency Services in the event of a major incident and any further investigations as to their cause.


Hampshire Rugby Festival - Tournament held on April 6th & 7th 2019 at Portsmouth RFC
Hazard Control measure in place Risk factor Likely Severity Risk factor Further control measures
Shuttle drop-off point Stewards present at drop-off point to meet teams and direct passengers safely to the site entrance. Coach shuttle will drop passengers in designated bay free of public traffic Low 2 2 4 Pre-festival checks of drop-off point to ensure no illegally parked vehicles blocking drop-off bay. Event staff and rugby club staff in constant communication via radio
Fire procedures and emergency exit doors leading directly from Portsmouth RFC Ensure fire doors are closed in club and ensure fire doors are not blocked Low 2 4 8 Emergency procedure posters on the wall in the club for reference. Staff to make sure everyone meets at designated point in car park. Mitour staff to familiarise themselves with Portsmouth RFC prior to festival and the layout of the club
Sports pitches Check pitches at the start of each day and at the end of each match to ensure they are in good, safe condition Low 4 4 8 Checked by officials and qualified referees before every match Portsmouth RFC ground staff to help with preparation, pre-event and during the event. Staff to sweep the fields prior and after the event for rubbish and dogs mess
Rugby posts All rugby posts should be padded as per RFU guidelines. This will be done prior to the event Low 2 2 4 Check by referees before every match. Portsmouth RFC and Mitour Staff will also ensure no padding is removed or damaged during the festival
Car parking No parking on-site. Stewards to assist with parking and directing passengers safely to Portsmouth RFC Medium 2 4 8  
Marquees Marquees will be erected by a professional marquee company Low 4 4 8 Marquee will have a member of staff present at all times ensuring capacity and safety guidelines are met at all times e.g. no smoking at any time
Governance All matches to be played according to RFU guidelines.
All referees to have correct qualifications
Low 2 2 4 Make sure every team has a copy of the rules of the game and player conduct in, responsibility of Mitour tournament officials
Inappropriate footwear Warn players of the dangers of wearing inappropriate footwear Low 2 2 4 Referee to make visual check before matches
Personal effects adjacent to pitches Ensure all bags and belongings are secure and left either in changing rooms or with team officials before matches Low 2 2 4 Do regular checks throughout the day to make sure personal effects are not near the pitches Mitour staff and referee’s responsibility
Jewellery worn by players Insist all jewellery is taped over or removed Medium 3 4 12 Referees check starting players pre-match
Building faults If anyone has concerns regarding faulty lighting, slippy floors report to Portsmouth Rugby club officials and also the Mitour staff. Medium 2 5 10  
Injuries to players as a result of physical contact First aid personnel on site at all times. Local hospital and Ambulance service advised of event in advance. Emergency response vehicle will be on site. Medium 3 4 12 Clear access points for ambulance, brief staff of injury procedures and clearly make visible the first aid control point on site. All staff to have radio with designated first aid channel
Injuries are of a variable nature, from minor e.g. bruising to major e.g. broken bones etc Portsmouth RFC Staff will assist in either contacting the emergency services if additional treatment is required for major injuries or broken bones, on-site first aid treatment will be firstly applied and assessed by each teams qualified first aid staff, secondly event first aid staff will assess themselves and complete an accident report form (available from the Mitour information desk) Medium 3 4 12 First aid staff will be responsible for diagnosing injuries after which if further assistance is required Mitour and Portsmouth RFC staff will be responsible for calling for further assistance. Qualified staff will be present at all times. Each team will have a qualified first aid member.
Risk assessment carried out by: Mitour Limited & Portsmouth RFC